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Symphonic Destiny - The Fountain Of Eternal Life (2015) [Mega]

The band “Symphonic Destiny” was formed in 2014 and it was based on the idea of Norbert Gobor and Attila Toth, the two musician friends. They wanted to make music and during that process to create something new. Meanwhile Norbert asked his good friend, Timea to join the group as a singer, and after that he wrote 3 demo songs. The three members of the group decided to take the songs, which were written in the spirit of Symphonic Metal, in the studio. Attila asked his friend, Jozsef Bacso to join in the band and during August and September in 2014, all of them started to work on the project in the studio. That’s how their debut album, “Midnight”, was born which tells a story about a fantastic journey and was released in October 2014. At the end of October 2014 the team has been expanded by a drummer, Attila Nemeth, resulting the band’s entire line-up.

In February 2015 the band started working on their first album, which lasted until August 2015. Symphonic Destiny’s first LP album, “The Fountain of Eternal Life” – it’s main motive is the metaphor of the mystery of eternal life –, contains 12 tracks and was released 4th of September 2015.


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