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Uriah Heep - Totally Driven (2015 2Cd) [Mega]

Totally Driven is the upcoming 25th studio album by British hard rock band Uriah Heep, to be released on 20 November 2015 on their own label, Uriah Heep Records. The album contains re-recorded versions of 27 of their best known songs, recorded with the long-standing 1986-2007 lineup.

The album was originally released in 2001 with a different track order as Remasters: The Official Anthology, but it went out of print quite quickly and was forgotten about. It was reissued in 2004 as Uriah Heep's Gold: Looking Back 1970-2001 without the band's knowledge by a European budget label.

According to guitarist Mick Box, the songs were recorded in preparation for the Acoustically Driven and Electrically Driven concerts.

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