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Lady Beast - Discografia 2012 - 2015 [Mega]

What a great name for a female-fronted metal band! Just wait until you hear the music by this great new band, fronted by Deborah Levine. Bands like that need some special attention and after hearing their self-titled debut album, we are more than willing to give it to them. There is no way back, once you’ve heard LADY BEAST. Imagine the likes of JUDAS PRIEST, DORO, DIO, IRON MAIDEN and some influences from the good old NWOBHM sound put together in one band. Well, there you go. We got in touch with this band from Pittsburgh, PA and they were more than willing to tell their story and what more LADY BEAST has got to offer. This is what we found out....

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Discos que se incluyen:

2012 - Lady Beast (Ep)
2015 - Lady Beast - II

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